Continued Learning Scholarship

Scholarship details:

The Continued Learning Scholarship is offered every year. We open it for students who are eager to share with us their thoughts on our chosen sub-theme. The winning student will be rewarded with $1,000 and will have a chance to be published in our website.

Application rules:

Application may come from any continent, but will only be considered if submitted by a bona fide university student who has never won this scholarship before. Official enrollment document as proof will also be required. Application is 100% free.

Writing skills should be remarkable. The main gauge of the applicant’s skills will be an essay consisting of 500-800 words. Structure, grammar, valuable content and adherence to topic will be the criteria for selecting the winner. Past years’ sub-themes are different from this year’s topic/sub-theme: “Continued Learning after Retirement.”

State in your essay your personal viewpoints on anything about the people still learning new things even after their retirement. You may choose to explain why learning is still necessary for retired people, or you may highlight an institution that provides lifelong learning for seniors. Any interesting personal belief or opinion on the topic will also suffice.

Send your application to

Make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Essay must be in a .pdf extension with this file name format: Continued Learning_(Your Surname)
  • Attach a biography not exceeding 100 words and a basic info sheet*

*The basic info sheet is required as we will contact the winner and the prize check will also be directly mailed to the winner’s home address. Anything written in the sheet will remain confidential and safe.

  • Include a copy of your university enrollment slip/admission document
  • Signed letter of authorization with the following content:

I, (Your Name), a university student of (Your School), hereby authorize to use and edit my essay titled “Continued Learning after Retirement.” Likewise, may publish the material to their website.

Applications will close on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 11:59pm (EST).

The winner will be announced five days later.

Need to clarify something? Email us at

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